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🛂 Directory puts non-white people, queer people, trans/non-binary people, underprivileged people, disabled people, and our trusted friends and regular attendees first.
    1) Our parties are not just a safer space, but a party specifically for these people.
    2) Please consider your context in our surroundings before attending, and be mindful of, respectful of, and comfortable with those around you.

🌀 Respect people's spaces on the dancefloor and off of it.
    1) Please make space for dancers, movers, and marginalized bodies in the front.
    2) No phones and flash, and please keep discussions to a minimum near the music.

🚹 Do not attend if you harass, hit on, assault, or fight others. We will remove you immediately if you engage in harassment, unwanted touching, unwanted persistent flirting, assault, or violence.
    1) You will not be welcome back for any future parties if attendees have filed reports about you or if you have been ejected once.
    2) If you have an incident with someone or feel uncomfortable, several security and staff members are present throughout the party. Please reach out to any of them or text the hotline at (213) 534-6066.