The Black Lodge + Directory:
Ash Lauryn, Colored Craig, Kosmik, Force Placement, Simonowsky, They/them DJ

($10-20) —
Restless Nites
/ Resident Advisor

Where are you headed?
Afrofuturism, past, present...

Ash Lauryn
(Underground & Black / Atlanta)
Colored Craig
(aka Urban Soul Brotha #5)
Kosmik, Force Placement & Simonowsky
(The Black Lodge)
They/them DJ

Ash Lauryn is our guest for the night to direct your dance. Born and raised in Detroit and based in Atlanta, she channels dance music’s roots in blackness with power and will. Complete and reflective, her blog and NTS show are both titled “Underground & Black," like house and techno was born and always has been, and provides her lens as a black woman in dance music to share, celebrate, and educate.

You see the dancer across the room on a dark Los Angeles night, and the rave is pulsating light. Colored Craig is moving impeccably, proper hat on and riding the beat perfectly. You see him next time behind the decks at the party, and the energy reflects like his stepping, outspoken with confidence and an attention for the classics. Unapologetically black.

The Black Lodge has celebrated four years of unrelenting rave and underground... rezidents Kosmik, Force Placement & Simonowsky will find you into the AM, from darkness into your own light.

Directory returns with a dive—entering its third year, find They/them DJ setting off the Shepard Tone; think this feeling might never end . . .

$10 early bird / $15 presale /
$20 night-of
No marginalized dancers turned away for lack of funds.
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